Welcome to 3form Reclaim
3form takes responsibility for its products over their entire life-cycle. Our Reclaim program reuses and recycles materials removed from installations or panels damaged in production. It is a bi-directional process that prevents panels from entering the landfill and extends their useful life. According to Eurostat statistics, about 1300 million tonnes of waste is thrown away each year in the EU and well over 800 million tonnes are related to the construction industry. 3form is working hard to minimize its contribution by taking back its products at the end of life.

3form Reclaim products are available in a set of standard sizes and subject to 3form’s rigid quality control standards. This program gives designers and architects, but also the consumer, a rare opportunity to purchase unique panels ready for a second use. The selection of Reclaim products is always changing, so be sure to check back often for your favorite design and thanks for helping improve our environment.

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